Daraisi Marte

Dance Instruction

Daraisi Marte is a Hip-Hop Dance and Culture Anthropologist. She studied and trained at H+ | The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory from 2014-2020 where she provided pre-professional training to youth and has been teaching/ choreographing for over 14 years.

Most of her work has been with youth ages 6-18 in After-School Program settings such as GIAC, Ithaca’s SouthSide Community Center, The Troy Boys and Girl Club and The Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.

Daraisi recently opened her own company called “Daraisi Dance Company” who’s members helped establish “Revoltionary!”, a local dance team housed at the SouthSide Community Center.

Her goal is to preserve and spread Hip-Hop Dance and Culture, increase the visibility of empowered black women and girls in Hip-Hop, and influence the next generations of leaders via Hip-Hop Dance and Culture Education.