CSMA Scholarships

Arts for All Need-Based Scholarships

Accessibility for all to arts education has always been the very heart of our mission. To help make learning at CSMA accessible to as many community members as possible, we offer scholarships to students of all ages on the basis of need.

To request a scholarship click on this link to access our brief application form. Please complete one application per household.

We will follow up with each request as quickly as possible. To ensure that we are best serving the needs of the community, proof of income may be requested later.

Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, pending availability of funds. To allow ample time for application review, please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the desired program start date. You may complete the form closer to the start date, but then we cannot guarantee a response before the program begins.

Scholarships may be used for all types of education programs offered at CSMA. Awards are given in the form of a percentage discount on member tuition rates – no funds are paid directly to students.

The need-based scholarship program includes a general fund, and named scholarships established in memory of individuals to support studies in areas they were passionate about. Our scholarship committee selects recipients of named scholarships from among all applicants meeting the designated criteria.

Questions? Contact (607) 272-1474 or info@csma-ithaca.org. We look forward to receiving your scholarship request! 

Named Scholarships

Gloria Perry Gerstman Memorial Piano Scholarship

for private instruction students in piano 

Our mother, nee Gloria Perry Gerstman (1926-2006), brought joy and a love of music into our home through her consummate musicianship and pure love of playing the piano. We especially remember those warm summer nights when we would drift off to sleep to the gentle sounds of her fingers at the keyboard. She left us a deep appreciation of the restorative and sustaining power of music, and through this scholarship fund in her name, we want to help convey this gift to others.

Sara Schaffzin and Joann Schaffzin Boegeman

Alessandro Vico Memorial Scholarship

for private instruction students age 16 and under in piano or percussion

The Alessandro Vico Scholarship was established August 12, 2003 in memory of “Al” Vico. Al was an imaginative, ambitious individual who did things his own way. His musical talent was full of this resourcefulness and was reflected in every instrument he played, including french horn, piano and drums. Unfortunately, his spirit was taken to a higher place before he could realize his dreams. He would be honored to know that he has helped to plant a musical seed in the hands and spirit of a similar individual on their way to the gift of music.

John and Vera Vico

Louise Beth Yavelow Furnas Scholarship

for elementary school age, private instruction students in music

Louise Beth Yavelow spent many happy and fulfilling years pursuing her profession of music teaching in the Ithaca public schools, at Fall Creek Elementary and later at Cayuga Heights Elementary School. She truly enjoyed the many hundreds of children she taught from 1981 to 2015.

Louise attended Cornell University from 1968-1970 and later received degrees in music education at Boston University, Ithaca College, and Kodály Institute of Kecskemét, Hungary. Louise loved taking care of and being with her family and teaching the children at school. For her, these activities were both her work and her source of joy. She believed strongly and passionately in the value of arts education.

John T. Nolan Memorial Scholarship

for music students