June Seaney

Dance Instruction

June Seaney is a professional Middle Eastern Oriental (Belly Dance) and Romani (Gypsy) Dance Instructor, Performer, Choreographer and Historian.

June is an instructor and performer of Turkish Oryantal (Belly Dance) and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi as well as Romani Dances from Turkey, Russia, Spain and the Balkans.
With 30 years of performance and teaching experience in Middle Eastern Oriental / Belly Dance and Romani dance styles and culture, and 27 years of experience teaching a credit, physical education Belly Dance class at Cornell University, June performs and teaches to inspire people of all ages to feel the joy of music and dance with honor and respect to Middle Eastern and Romani cultures.

June is Director of June with Chandani Dance Troupe and Danza Romani Dance Troupe. June has taught at Rakkasah East, Rakkas Minneapolis, Studio Artemis and Roxy & Dukes to name a few of the many locations across the country, sharing her knowledge of dance movement, technique, history and culture of these dance styles.