Irina studied Fine Arts at Veliko Tarnovo University in Bulgaria, from where she was originally. Her father was also an artist and a university professor and gave her the first serious lessons in drawing and art. She came to the United States more than twenty years ago and at the beginning, she was working mainly with charcoal. She later became a member at the Ink Shop printmaking center in 2004. Her works include different mediums, including intaglio prints, papermaking, suminagashi, artist books as well as oil paintings. Irina’s work is characterized by different periods of art but the one interest that captures her attention longer than any other is the music theme. Being a violin and a piano player as well, she likes to include the instruments in her visual art explorations.

Currently, she is a member of the State of the Art Gallery where you can see some of her art, as well as on her website: http://www.irinakassabova.com.