Star Search Musical Theater: No Time for Prejudice

*registration closed* ($559.00 w/membership)

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Act, sing, and dance while we put on an entire original musical in just 10 days! Star Search musical theater camp is intensive, quirky, and imaginative, giving beginner and experienced actors alike free rein to invent and experiment.

Join our production of No Time for Prejudice, a time travel mash-up of James Bond and Pride and Prejudice. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a friend to share it with. It is also a fact that once Daniel Craig let James Bond die, there is a search for a new Bond, one who is not indeed dead. Should the Bonds time travel to England in the Regency Period to find a new Bond? We shall soon find out!

Performance on the final Friday evening, September 1.

Doors open at 8:45 AM. Bring a bag lunch and snacks.

Space is limited; register by August 7.