Private Instruction Tickets

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All private instruction lessons will need to be prepaid before the lesson begins. We kindly ask that you make your payment at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled lesson. You may purchase anywhere from 1-12 tickets.

Once you have paid for the lesson, you will receive an email containing your downloadable private instruction ticket. Before starting your lesson, please ensure that you have the ticket ready to show your instructor. The ticket will include a QR code for easy verification. For virtual students or students without phone access at lessons, please email your instructor the code before the lesson. Being prepared with your ticket will help us maximize our lesson time together, allowing us to dive right into the material without any delays.

Additionally, our payment platform, Zeffy, automatically adds a 17% donation amount. This donation goes to Zeffy, not CSMA.  You can avoid unnecessary fees, by making sure to mark “Other” and input $0 as the percentage for the donation. This will ensure that you are only charged for the lesson itself.

All previously purchased coupons will continue to be honored. In July 2024, we will be switching previously unused coupons to our new ticket system, which will be emailed to you.

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