Capoeira Angola Negaça

Students in the lineage and traditions of MESTRE NÔ

Free Trial: 1 Movement Class X 1 Music Class (Click here to register)

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Monthly Non – Member $73 (Click here to register)

  *Class fees go towards CSMA operational costs and yearly Capoeira events. 

Beginning July 10th, CSMA welcomes Capoeira. An Afro-Brazilian martial art and dance that focuses on being mindful with strategy and position above speed and force, wisdom and playfulness over violence. Hidden in dance, played as a game, there is grace, beauty, risk, reward, and danger. Capoeira can be played by everyone; the strong and the weak, the young and the old, the blind and the deaf. Please come play with us, we would love to have you share and experience this wonderful world of Capoeira Angola Negaça!

Weekly all levels classes Sunday (music) at 6:30 pm and Wednesday (movement) at 7:15 pm in the lower-level dance studio at Community School of Music and Arts. Classes run throughout the year, and all are welcome! Parking is downtown street parking or at True Insurance after 5:00pm during the week and anytime on Sunday.