My name is Storn A. Cook. “Storn” is my real name.  My mom made it up while playing a word game on paper, drawing random letters out of a paper bag while she was pregnant.  But I have been told it is Norwegian and there is a tiny town in Scotland that shares the name.

I’m an illustrator with over 20 years of experience as a freelancer. My mother is an artist, so art supplies were in easy reach as a young ‘un. Growing up in the sticks, had a lot of time on my hands and when I discovered comics and roleplaying, I was off and drawing fantasy and superheroes non stop.  It was at 15 I decided I wanted to be a professional illustrator. Took me a decade to make that happen.

I went to New York University for two years and then finished my art degree, several years later at Columbus College of Art and Design. CCAD was the perfect place for me, it was tough, demanding and I learned a tremendous amount in a short time.  I was already freelancing and was bringing paying work in as homework assignments or vice versa.

Now, I live in Newfield.  I work at Ehrhart Energy, but continue doing freelance work n the side. I have a lovely wife, Milagros, and 4 cats and a great studio that overlooks Ithaca College and the ridge beyond is Cornell University (where my granddad taught mathematics).