Shaun Rimkunas


Shaun Rimkunas is currently a Graduate Assistant at Ithaca College where he has studied
trumpet with Professor Christopher Coletti, (Former Canadian Brass Member), Dr. Kim Dunnick,
(Former President of the International Trumpet Guild), Dr. Aaron Witek (Director of Trumpet
Studies), and Professor Michael Titlebaum (Director of the Jazz Ensemble and Department at
Ithaca College). Shaun also attended Ithaca College for his Undergraduate studies, and has
been in Ithaca for six years where he received his Bachelors of Music and is close to receiving his
Masters in Music. Shaun has a wide variety of interests in music and has various skills he would
like to deploy in his teaching such as singing, music theory, and jazz. Shaun is very passionate
about teaching and collaborating with various students and musicians. Shaun is also in the
process of becoming a DMA student and hopes to become a leader in his field of work.