Mikel Moss is a current PhD candidate in Global Mental Health at the University of
Melbourne, a recent Masters of Arts in Education in Clinical Psychology degree (minors
in Global Mental Health and Trauma, Community Psychology, and Research Methods)
from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a former Alternative Training Student
in Drama Therapy and Counseling Psychology through the North American Drama
Therapy Association. His focus is on the development of “Gold Standard”, mixed method
drama therapeutic techniques and researching the best practices for healing and care
with ‘colonized Other’ communities (communities that are adversely affected by
European colonization). He is currently developing and researching a new drama
therapy approach utilizing Sanford Meisner’s repetition exercise focusing specifically on
youth from ‘colonized Other’ communities, and developing an validated and reliable tool
to enable better engagement in drama therapy normed on youth from ‘colonized Other’
communities that assess engagement with performance in everyday life as a precursor
to engagement with drama therapeutic interventions. Mikel is passionate about creating
space for arts therapies research in the broader psychological community and looks
forward to providing his perspectives on arts in psychology and diversity in psychology
to the conversations in this program.