Joseph Prusch

Fiddle, Music, Viola, Violin

Joseph Prusch majored in Music Performance and Education at Ithaca College, studying viola with Debra Morée while pursuing academic opportunities in historical performance, modern music performance, and ethnomusicology. He spent time studying with John and Sondra Bromka of Bells & Motley, learning the various folk traditions of France as well as the Medieval and Renaissance secular dance music that laid the foundations for classical opera, the orchestra, and the symphony. He is a regular performer with the GrassRoots Chamber Orchestra under Cayenna Ponchione, country singer Bert Scholl, Sammy Naquin and the Zydeco Whips, master jazz musician Doug Robinson, and Souk – Middle Eastern Grooves. Joseph has also appeared with a number of other musical acts, including Thousands of One, Joel Rubin, Urban Horse Thieves, Blue Sky Mission Club, the 77th New York Regimental Balladeers, Klezmer Zavel, and the El Caminos. The New York Times recently hailed his work on the feature film Vito Bonafacci, saying the movie was “elevated by touches of neorealist style in… its soundtrack” and “offers a quiet haven for meaningful mediation” for moviegoers in “a world fixated on bombast….”