Virtual Drawing for Young Artists

$55.00 ($40.00 w/membership)

SKU: AV01J Summer 2020 Category: Age: 11-15 Instructor: Jessica Peery Start Date: 09/13/2020 End Date: 10/04/2020 Day of Week: Sunday Times: 1:00PM-2:00PM Number of classes: 4


Learn to draw anything and everything! Explore drawing through a variety of fun tools and techniques — pencil, pen, charcoal, color pastels, markers, watercolor, crayons – whatever you have at home! Learn about line, light and shadow, perspective, positive and negative space. Draw from both your imagination and observation. Experiment with storytelling through artwork, expressing emotions through color and line with a focus on process rather than product. Students will be inspired by other artists’ work, encouraged to collaborate, as well as develop their own unique style. Beginners welcome. Materials needed:Internet access, webcam and microphone, Zoom capability, pencil, eraser, pen, colored pencils, markers, crayon, watercolor, anything you have at home to draw with!