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SKU: D49 Winter 2020 Category: Age: 15-Adult Instructor: Contra Mestre Graveto Start Date: 01/27/2020 End Date: 04/22/2020 Day of Week: Monday & Wednesday Times: 7:15PM-8:45PM Space: Nathanielsz Dance Studio Number of classes: 22 No Class Dates: 2/17, 2/19, 4/6, 4/8


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art and dance that focuses on being mindful with strategy and position above speed and force, wisdom and playfulness over violence. Hidden in dance, played as a game, there is grace, beauty, risk, reward, and danger. . Capoeira is played as a game between two practitioners inside of a circle of other Capoeira players and a group of musicians. Each class begins with music and movement then moves into exercises practicing combinations of movements with a partner, learning more detailed movements, and playing games (jogos) of Capoeira Angola.