Ballet for Adults

$55.00 ($40.00 w/membership)

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Through the exploration of ballet technique and terminology, students will have the opportunity to grow artistically and physically, through live remote classes. The class will be structured through warm-ups, and phrase-work to enhance overall strength. Participants will work to their own physical space limits, and, if possible, use a surface to work as a ballet barre, (ie: a chair, counter, desk). This class will offer a physical work-out, as well as an artistic outlet, with no experience necessary, in the comfort of your own home.
All students will be sent a Zoom link inviting you to the class before each session.
Class Requirements: Students will need space to dance, a structure to act as a barre (for example: chair, counter, or table; however if you don’t have something that will work, class can be taken without barre) internet access, webcam and microphone, Zoom capability.