Art and Art History for Homeschoolers

$240.00 ($180.00 w/membership)

SKU: A32 Fall 2019 Category: Age: Ages 12-adult Instructor: Jessica Warner Start Date: 09/25/2019 End Date: 11/20/2019 Day of Week: Wednesday Times: 2:00PM-4:00PM Space: Art Studio 10 Number of classes: 9


Calling all homeschoolers interested in making art and looking at, thinking about, and engaging with contemporary and modern art! This class will explore Art History through the lens of the present as an avenue into the way people live, think, and work today. We will use the art and ideas of contemporary visual artists as powerful models for creative and critical thinking across subjects areas and disciplines. Projects will emphasize, reflect, and develop personal responses to the art we are engaging with. Drawing, painting, sculpture, and less traditional contemporary practices such as video and installation will be explored. Class time will center around group discussion and art making. Students will be asked to do some preparatory work outside of class including reading, videos, research, and occasional work on projects.

Some resources we will use will include SmArt History, the Metropolitan Museum’s The Artist Project, PBS’s Art21 and The Art Assignment as well as various books, magazines, blogs, museum websites, etc. We will make at least one trip to the Johnson Museum.

Some materials may be required.

No particular skill level required, just a willingness and excitement for art, art-making and exploring new things.