Amanda Moretti

Dance Instruction

Amanda Moretti earned a B.A. in Dance Movement Studies from the Naropa Institute and continued her modern dance and ballet studies for two years at York University in Toronto. She lived in Montreal for twelve years as a freelance dancer, teaching improvisation and performing her own work. She danced with choreographers Martha Carter, Catrina Von Radecki, Lisa McLellen and Andrew Harwood. Amanda has lived in Ithaca since 2001, teaching both ballet and modern dance at CSMA and ballet to children at Ithaca Ballet. In recent years, she choreographed “1931” and “Social Dance” for Ithaca Ballet’s Winter Dance Modern Series. In 2014, she directed and choreographed a full-length Butoh piece, “Homage to Federico Garcia Lorca,” shown at the first Fringe Festival of Ithaca.