Alexas Janae E. Ramírez

Composition, Piano

Alexas Janae E. Ramírez is an Indigenous Black composer who has drawn from her cultural lineage to inform her compositional voice. Holding a Bachelor of Composition in Music, with a Piano Emphasis from Ithaca College (2012), she studied with Dr. Dana Wilson, Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann, and Charis Dimaris, and also studied at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Joël Bons (2011). Inspired by the rhythms and tonalities of jazz and folk music, with classical training, her compositional style is uniquely her own voice. Her methodologies are informed by classical orchestration and jazz instrumentation, as well as the cultural depth and rootedness of folk music of the Americas. Her primary goal in teaching composition is to empower the musical voice of the composer, regardless of age, giving them the tools to explore and refine their musical vision.

Alexas also teaches classical piano from beginning to intermediate/advanced for all ages.