Molly MacMillan


Molly MacMillan is a well-known musician living in Ithaca. She has been a featured pianist at the Sacramento Jubilee Traditional Jazz festival, performing there also with the Lowdown Alligator Jass Band, as well as other jazz festivals including Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo and the Thousand Islands, and Corning’s Crystal City jazz festival. Ms. MacMillan plays a beautiful piano, both with her tasteful “comping” and her very melodic solos. She is also a vocalist of uncanny agility with a light, mellow sound. Molly has been involved in workshops with Marion McPartland and Dr. Billy Taylor. She has traveled and recorded with such diverse groups as The Hot Foot Club (swing band), the Molly MacMillan Trio, and cabaret acts with Margaret Wakely, and with Richard Driscoll. She has recorded CD’s with various artists including the Trio and the HotFoot Club, and is the producer of several CD’s by the children’s artist Mrs. McPuppet.